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Arrowstorm Entertainment is a dynamic production company and film investment fund.

With universal themes and cross-cultural appeal, fantasy and science fiction are the genres of choice in a growing global market. We aim to produce fantasy films and scifi films for fans, by fans, nurturing new talent and new stories, and giving life to undiscovered worlds.

producing fantasy films and scifi films
Kynan Griffin - Producer

A native of South Africa, Kynan emigrated to the US to pursue his studies in film. He has since written and produced several award-winning shorts, commercials and feature films, including Pride and Prejudice, Moving McAllister, Orcs!, Dawn of the Dragonslayer, Osombie, The Shadow CabalThe Crown and the Dragon, Orc Wars and other fantasy films.

fantasy films and sci fi films
Jason Faller - Producer

Jason Faller is a lifelong entrepreneur in the videogame and film industries. He's produced many internationally distributed feature films, including Pride and Prejudice, Moving McAllister, Dragon Hunter, Osombie, Orc Wars and The Shadow Cabal.

He prides himself in his hard business sense (BYU MBA), and his limitless creative genius.

fantasy films and scifi films
Maclain Nelson - Producer

Maclain is American. He is also an actor and producer. Maclain recently starred in, and oversaw, the award-winning comedy Vamp U (Best Film, LA Comedy Festival), as well as Dragon Hunter, Moving McAllister, Dawn of the Dragonslayer, The Crown and the Dragon and Dragon Warriors. He recently produced and starred in The Saratov Approach.


producing fantasy films and scifi films
Talent Development and Script Submissions

Arrowstorm Entertainment is committed to the development of new filmmakers in all disciplines. If you are an aspiring producer, cinematographer, production designer, costume designer, sound designer, director, etc, etc - please send us a link to your online portfolio along with an introductory email letting us know your goals, interests, etc.

Arrowstorm Entertainment does not accept unsolicited scripts. They will be returned unopened or tossed in the trash. We would love to read your script, but please submit a cover letter/email first with a logline and synopsis and we will send a request for a script if we are interested. We are currently producing fantasy films and scifi films.

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