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Medieval Europe - Father Christmas is a fading memory, after Christmas hasn’t come for several years.


A young orphan girl, Ayden, receives a magic crystal from a dying elf, with a warning that the North has lost its magic, and that she alone can save Christmas. Ayden and her orphan friends begin a perilous journey, and must escape dragons, goblins, bandits, ogres and other fantasy creatures as they team up with Airk, the wayward son of Father Christmas, to return a stolen Christmas orb to the North. When Santa’s magic cannot overpower the growing Snarl (an evil forest with tentacle branches), Ayden and Airk must deliver Christmas on a sleigh pulled by a young dragon, fulfilling Christmas wishes for children to restore Santa’s magic and save Christmas.


Starring Bailee Johnson, Jake Stormoen, Adam Johnson, Melanie Stone

Directed by: John Lyde


Running Time: 103 minutes (fantasy films)

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